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i-Tech Premium Dye Ink 664 (70ml)

i-Tech Premium Dye Ink 664 (70ml)

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100% Compatible dye ink for Epson

Our dye ink is 100% compatible with Original dye ink. Also, that is designed according to the Epson printer head, which is 100% compatible with All Epson new printers. Like Epson XP101 / 201 / 204 / XP400 / XP200 / ME10 / ME101 / L200 / L400 / L800, and more.

The newly developed Anti-UV dye ink produced at the most advanced dust-free workshop, with third-time filtration, particulate size is 0.2u, which can filter out the impurities and particles in the ink so as to avoid the jam, never jam the nozzle. 

Used the color paste from the USA, the color is vivid and bright, the printer result is more than 95% close to the original dye ink, our ink is welcome by the market, we have the clients in Indonesia / Philippines / USA / France / Colombia / Malaysia / Peru / Chile, etc countries.

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