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i-Tech Laminating Machine 320A

i-Tech Laminating Machine 320A

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i-Tech Laminating Machine 320A

Introducing the newest i-Tech A3 Laminating Machine 320A. Featuring a handwheel knob, hot and cold laminating, reverse function, and overheat protection. Versatile heavy-duty laminator designed to protect, enhance everything and preserve any kinds of documents, photos, ID’s and many more. This laminating machine features an infrared heating system and adjustable temperature control with overheating protection that ensures consistent, high-quality lamination. Laminating pouches from our wide selection of laminate can accommodate all of your pouch laminating needs from ID cards to menus.

Cold Laminating – A cold laminating will use pressure and an adhesive instead of heat to secure the document between sheets of plastic. The pressure exerted on the rollers in the laminating machine is all that is required to finish the job.

Hot Laminating – A hot laminating will use pressure and heat to melt or activate an adhesive material. This secures the plastic around the document. This provides more durable protection and typically a faster laminate job.

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