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i-Tech Cold Laminating Film Photo Top

i-Tech Cold Laminating Film Photo Top

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i-Tech Cold Laminating Film (Photo Top)

It is laminated on advertising materials to protect your images from scratching, getting wet or dirty. The film does not require heat and is most commonly utilized with cold laminating systems. Perfect for home or office use.



  1. Prepare the Laminating Machine and Laminating Film (Photo Top) and the picture you are going to use.
  2. Turn on the Laminating machine and set the machine in Cold Mode
  3. Peel off the Laminating Film (Photo Top).
  4. Put the edge of the Laminating Film (Photo Top) in your media.
  5. Insert the edge of the media on the laminating machine and wait until it finishes feeding the media.
  6. Cut the excess parts.
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